Choosing the Correct Gel


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You betta work it out, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:green: This was a HUGE help....thanx alot!!!!!!!!!

caths nails

I was just reading your brilliant post and wondered if you've heard of Nailite
They are in the US but you can order online and the prices are great. The gels are great to work with, at least I think so. They have a great range of products and are really helpful.
One other thing I was wondering if you could help with. I'm quite new to the Nails industry and have seen L & P mentioned a lot. This is probably a stupid question but what does it stand for? :confused:
thanks for your help.
Cath :)


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Thanks so much for this:smack: . I have just started using gel and busy experimenting. this is a great help....CHEERS!:wink2:

tracey louise

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great tutoral.very easy to understand.:)


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Great read! You explained it so quickly and simply. I actually asked this question of a trainer the other day who wouldn't answer it cause she couldn't talk about other product lines!!! So well done for helping all of us techs who work in real world and need names and companies etc!


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That was like watching a good movie and I didn't want it to end . full marks that was brill Amber thanks:)


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great tutorial!!!Thanks.


Great tutorial. Killed two birds with one stone and informed me about Bio Sculpture Gel too.
Well done.


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I've just finished a nail tech course in all 3 systems. When i've had my nails done in the past my therapist applied clear L&P and then she applied a french gel over...what type of gel would you apply over L&P or should this not be done? My lecturer said i could use the gel that we were given in our course but Im in South Africa and the gel we were given is a local product so not sure if its a hard or soft gel... i think its a hard gel. The result is not desirable so i was thinking of buying another make but im not sure what would be best???
Please advise as i just did a full set for one of my case studies and i was really satisfied with my tip application (my client was a seriously bad nail biter) and my L&P application was great but once i applied the gel i was really upset with the result :(
Many Thanks!!!!


:lol: hi guys, i am new to this forum and new to nails. Have just bought the brisa system but not as yet watched the video. Have done five sets so far and look rather good but could be better but struggled with the clear tips, sculpting the white and it being to thick. You mention that brisa are a strong gel, roughley how long would you say if applied correctly should they last , any great tips, good extensions to use with the gel, gosh i have got loads of questions to ask.


Thanks Amber, I was really stuck, but I think now I will purchase some soak off gels too. They will work alongside my other gels, so I will use the product I feel is right for each particular clients needs.
You have explained it so well, I will use the soak off for overlays on already nice length nails. Continue with hard gels to sculpt with.
Thanks Hun x


WOW!!! This is fantastic! Thank you so much. This has really helped me.



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what a fab post.
im new to gel nails, having just done a bio-sculpture course.
very interesting to read.

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That was a great thread . I have decided to go with calgel to start as I will feel safer with soaking off .Then I will move on to the hard gels for enhancements or sculpting . :smack:

Purple Rose

Just had a read through, and loved it. I use Bio Sculpture at the moment I love the wide range of colours, but do have people ask if I can do extensions. I can do L&P and have just booked a skill builder, but I'm not brilliant at it, and I think if after this skill builder I'm still not brilliant then I'll look into the Brisa, so I can still offer enhancements. This article was really helpful thanks so much x:hug:


This is a fantastic article that explains it all so clearly! A great help for newbies! I wish it could have been laid down in black & white (& red!) like that when I started.


that was a breath of fresh air... i was thinking is it me... should i just know....great info... im going to send it to my fellow classmates...


Thank you sooooooooooo much for this thread!
It really helped me!!


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Thanks for all the above really helpful.
Just wanted to be clear on one thing tho - are Brisa gels a no no when it comes to natural nail overlay? I'm a nail technician starting out and have been caught between bio and brisa but can't yet afford to train in both, so was hoping for an alrounder if there was such a thing, just to start out with before doing further training

Thankyou, this is so informative, most of the info in one place :hug: