Christmas craft and gift ideas

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by deanosnana, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. deanosnana
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    It's that time of year again!

    Over the weekend, Deano and I started our Christmas project. We are making these for him to give as gifts. They are very easy and fun to make!

    As I was surfing youtube this a.m., I found this idea and I thought it would make great gifts for clients! You could have a basket of 'cupcakes' at your station and let the client choos their dessert. :) Instead of using a red pom pom, you could put a lollipop in the center.

    I think both ideas are adorable.

    Anyone else have Christmas craft ideas? :hug:
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  2. gr8nailz
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  3. deanosnana
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    So adorable Tammie, thanks for posting! :)
  4. melissab
    These ideas are great. Thanks for posting.
  5. deanosnana
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  6. Severnrose
    I'm making these :) Christmas scented playdough

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  7. Baggybear
    I am going to be making these with my kids and they will make fab little reminders of how small they were when they are older too.

  8. deanosnana
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    Great you have a recipe you can share? :)
  9. deanosnana
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    This is FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing! :)
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  10. Brat
    I've been busy doing lots of salt dough decorations and a few other crafts with the children.



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  11. Titch16
    I saw these today and thought they look great, really want to try and have a go :)
  12. Baggybear
    Brat can I ask if you painted before baking or after baking please.

    I am planning to paint after baking but in your pic yours look like they are on the baking tray already painted.
  13. Brat
    No they were painted afterwards, once all cooled. The silver thing you can see is the hot plate on top of the Aga which I just used to make the paint dry quicker :)

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  14. mm29
    Love this thank you for sharing, lovely keepsake
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  15. pinkfairy
    Well I'm going to be making sock cupcakes and salt dough ornaments! Thank you guys for posting 😃🎅🎄🎁
  16. melissab
    I can't wait to do this with my kids. These will be my favourite Christmas ornaments. :)
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  17. Titch16
    My little gingerbread man & lady :)

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  18. StephR
    Do you have to use a particular type of paint for these and what do you seal it with? Sorry that sounds really silly hut I might have a go at making these with my 2 in the run up to Xmas xx
  19. Baggybear
    I was going to use the kids ready mixed poster paints (I might use sharpies to colour them in and outline as it would be easier and I have red & black Sharpies) then I am going to seal them with a bit of PVA glue watered down a teensy bit.
  20. Baggybear
    Well we made up our batches of dough earlier and made the hand print santa's and a few other extra things with the leftover dough, they are in the oven now. Will take pics when they are all done.

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