Christmas Nails!!


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I've been playing with christmas designs!

I did these on our receptionist, custom blend french, with bronze & silver metro powders applied at zone 3 and blended up to zone 2. The snowflakes are handpainte with white acrylic paint. Ignore any tinges of yellowness on these - the daft mare dyed her hair the night before I applied the nail art and took the pics!

Some l&p nail art, all the bases are done with l&p, the holly wreath and holly leave french nails are 3d l&p, the rest of the nail art is handpainted with acrylic paint!!

I'll post again when I've done more designs :D


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beautiful!!!Love all the pics u just put in the gallery-very nice indeedy!xxxxx:hug:


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Wow i love these, the snowflakes are my fave and the sleigh!
I wish you could do mine but you are a bit far from me, well done!! xx


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Look really really good - the yellow doesnt look odd either!

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Brilliant work as usual Layla!


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I'm doing snowfakes now, very inspiring and very beautiful.

Teri x:Love:


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Beautiful nails Layla, as always.

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They are all fab as usual layla love the sledge one


Gorgeous work as always, I love the snowflakes:) the detail in the sleigh and reindeer one is fab!


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Really lovely,is the snowflake just a decal with L&P over the top?gGorgeous work,well done you xx


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These are beautiful - just in time for me to get some inspiration for the school xmas fair - got to scale down for the tiny nail beds!

Well done again Layla!


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Absolutely GORGEOUS work!!!!

come do mine for xmas!!!

I always do nice on clients, but never as nice on me:sad:

Keep sharing!! I've saved your pics to my "nail art to try" folder, hope you don't mind!!



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Beautiful work Layla - I always love your piccies!

Susie H

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:D WOW !!
what beautiful designs.. it really put me in the christmas mood..

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i love them, especially the one with santa, sled and reindeer!
i'll have to try that one!!

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Thanks geeks :D

Babsan, the snowflakes are all handpainted, not decals or stickers! ;)


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They are really veeeeeery nice! I am in love with that awosome french!


these are gorgeous .. i love the black one .. and the snowflakes one .. and snowman french one .. and the - oh you get my drift lolol
Erica xx

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fab chica xx