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Hi, iv recently been brought some chrome powders and have applied them on a few people now but they dont seem to last long before chippong around the edges Does anyone else have this problem or have any tips to help prevent it please???


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Chipping is a constant battle with chrome. If you search there are probably hundreds of posts about it.

Recommendations boiled down to ensuring there was not one tiny speck of loose powder at the free edge. A gentle smoothing buff of the free edge can provide a slightly rough surface for the tip coat to adhere to. The chrome can provide too smooth a surface.

Some recommended base coat over the chrome then top coat

Some recommended part cure first top coat over chrome, then full cure of second coat.

It's trial and error
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Ah ok thankyou


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Personally never had much success with the longevity of chrome even with trying different top coats etc. It would wear off very quickly around the edges. If you stamp a design onto the colour layer and then brush on the chrome powder into the gaps the design leaves, then the chrome stays better then. The stamping polish gives a network to hold the chrome in place.
I've started to use Lecente Create gel polish in addition to shellac. They have some rainbow gels with are very chrome like - these are great and very strong!



I don’t know where she found it it, but my colleague found a trick to cap the nail with acid free primer (after chrome, before topcoat)
Tried it once on a male client, and it worked! Dunno if we were just lucky though.

I do that trick with the primer also and it works a charm every time.


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I had this problem try base coat over your chrome then topcoat xx