Classic lashes advice


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Hi huns! I've just completed my classic lash course so far I've practised on 4 models. I'm just here for any advise and help to do with lashes. I've noticed I'm an hour faster, I'm happy with my lashes however I would like to improve them as I think they could look better. I would like to perfect my application technique and would love to hear about your techniques, tools and anything that you think will help me achieve the results I'm after.
I would also like a feedback if possible as I really would love to better my lashes.


Samantha Sona

Ethical Beauty - Australia
Hi Anya, the best way to improve is to watch You Tube videos from master lash techs. You will pick up so many tips. The best ones in my opinion are:

Frankie Widdows
Danielle Mount
Lashes by Kins.