Client allergic to hair tint!!


Has any one had a client who is allergic to a permenant hair tint but desparatly needs one to cover the grey?
My client has to have full head brown foils at the mo and as soon as i spot a new manufacturer i do another skin test to see if she has a reaction. In 20 years of hairdressing she`s the only one i`ve come across who`s had a reaction to it.
She`s even bought various home dyes and had reaction to them.
Does anyone have any idea what i could do for her as the grey is getting worse?:grr:

Jeni Giles

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Joico has a new product out, I don't know if it has been launched in Europe yet, it isn't a hair color, but a scalp treatment that stimulates natural melanin production. It's not cheap, a one month supply runs about $100 retail- that would be about 50 pounds I think- and must be used daily for the rest of their life to maintain. Once you stop using the product the melanin production slows again and grey returns. It's in the Joico RE:NU line. Something to check into.


Thanks Jeni I`ll look into it :)

liana kay

all permanant tints have the same paradyes - she will be allergic to all of these . its not worth taking the risk could be fatal . perhaps she could apply colour moose every time she washes her hair or use hair mascara?