Client filed a case against us


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One of those 'this shouldn't be happening' scenarios. Client books for a course of 6; decides they don't want to continue after 2 and asking for a refund. We are happy to refund her the remaining 4 but will bill the first 2 as full priced treatments. Common to everyone I think and only fair. Never had any trouble until now. She's simply a trouble maker as we have asked countless times for her to call us so we can issue a refund but she hasn't done that.
I then decided to ask this question on UK business forum to just find out what my rights are as one of the things she's complaining about is that it wasn't made clear to her. This is on the terms and conditions on our website. The responses on that forum suggests that we need to make sure everyone reads and signs that they have read and understood the T&C. They say that just having it there on the website isn't good enough and won't hold up in court. Imagine someone coming in for a wax and doing all that paperwork.
I'm not sure what to do moving forward. What are your experiences regarding T&Cs? How do you enforce it?

What we have as part of our Refund T&Cs:
*Any refund agreed is calculated by deducting the full list price of all treatments already taken, plus any charged for non-attendance, from the total price of the course of treatment, with the difference returned to you.


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It needs to be on the client consultation card and signed as they are right. It changed a few years back when banks where like 'sign here' and the T&C's where on a separate bit of information with no proof that's what they signed/agreed to or if they ever received them.

The signature needs to be clearly with the actual T&C's as it's in agreement to those.


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I can see that that's the best way for us moving forward. How many of you actually do it though?

I keep thinking that its like going to have a simple haircut/wax etc and having to fill tons of paperwork. I feel its really off putting. Or am I simply being fussy and this is actually what happens these days everywhere and clients expected it?


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Use this as an opportunity to improve but don’t get too hung up on one unhappy client. It’s about balance, as most things are.

Your T&C’s don’t have to encompass the Gettysburg address. You’re not trying to cover every eventuality but the most common aspects of purchasing and receiving your treatments. If there’s one client that you end up having to refund because their situation is particularly unique, just accept that and move on.

It’s sensible to review everything in your business on a regular basis anyway to ensure it’s still fit for purpose. Use feedback info. from both clients and staff to help inform your understanding of what works and what needs improving.

If you don’t already provide a client questionnaire following treatment, start doing it. Make sure there’s space to nominate a favourite member of staff and their suggestions for new treatments or other suggestions to improve their overall experience. Offer them an incentive to complete it with a small free luxury hand cream/oil or similar and perhaps entry to a prize draw etc.

I’ve learnt that it’s a mistake to run your business based solely on what you feel is best practice. Your clients will be a varied bunch and their comments and suggestions might surprise you.

Not sure this is what you were asking for, so apologies if I’ve mis-read the situation.

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She will probably be laughed out of court for time wasting or they will simple say something like pay her off the amount extra she’s paid for the 2 she had.

Don’t try to contact her, only go through your representative. Your insurance may cover some legal stuff so check with them.

But you can also get solicitors to do searches and see how many times she’s tried this one and gone to court, it will work really well in your favour as sounds like she knows what she’s doing. That way you can prove her intent to get cheap treatments and not pay for the rest.

I don’t do courses often but have them online so it’s all on there. No refunds, ever the end is the gist of it.


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Hah! Didn't realise you can do searches for this kind of thing. I'll definitely look into it. I once took on a barrister who I thought was being rather unfair (with the advise off an ex-bf who's a rather clever solicitor) so I'm looking to challenge this. We're now at mediation stage so I'm waiting for a date.
That's a good point Haircutz. And great suggestions. Thanks.