Client said enhancements hurt ??


Hi, did a client yesterday a full set of enhancements, white tips with CND clear glitter powder over the top,then about 6 hours later client text me and said they were hurting and are they suppossed to, as no other client has ever said this before im really at a loss, i went to see her today as she said she would like them taking down alittle and she said only 2 are now hurting, i checked them all, there are no signs of any infection underneath, i have not cut her, or grazed her with my file or anything like that.

Any ideas?? I have told her if they are not ok buy tommorrow im going back to remove them as i don't know what the problem is.

Hope a geek or too can shed some light for me thanks xx


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L&P takes upto 48 hrs to fully cure.
In that time if the L&P's too thick it can cause the ends of the fingers to feel bruised, it should disapear completly in the next 24 hours.
You shouldnt need to remove it. Maybe thin it down a tad.
I now advise all new clients that this can potentially happen, even though in most cases it doesnt it just isnt so much of a shock to them if it does happen
I have had this happen to me and I know its when my nails are too thick if I have been doing artwok that needs to be capped with clear.


Yes it does help, thank you and i did think something simular but din not want to say in case i sounded like a nut, thanks.


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This will also happen if your mix ratio is too wet
It can be very very painful, I have known of people who have been kept awake all night because they hurt!
You need to look at your mix or amount of product your using.
But like BusyBee32 says, it should go in 24/48 hours and they will be totally fine, no pain at all....If your client is worried maybe you could just reassure her that within this time it will be need to remove them.
It could be she has thin nails also?
Good luck x


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Did you apply tip and overlay or sculpt on form? Incorrect size tips can cause pain also.???

If you can't see anything wrong then I wouldnot remove or I would charge.

Let us know or try and put a pic on here see if that helps xx


Thanks for everyone's help, the client text me at teatime yesterday to say the pain had gone and all was ok.

I do find it hard to get the mix ration correct when using the clear glitter as it seems thicker if u know what I mean, the enhancements we not too thick as I checked the second time I went to see her.


Kelly x