Clients arriving early?

Does anyone else have problems with clients arriving mega early?

I run a home salon so don't have a waiting room, but my clients keep arriving mega early - I'm not talking 5 mins here I'm talking 30mins plus and ringing my doorbell to be taken at that time!

Today someone arrived over an hour early & phoned me to see why my curtains where closed!

I said I wasn't ready for them yet that their appointment wasn't for another hour their answer was "yeah well I'm here now so?" I told them "ok that's fine but you'll have to come back for the time of your appointment as I'm not ready for you now"

I'm so frustrated with this! As I don't even get time to stop for lunch for people arriving earlier than their time! I've tried messaging them in the morning to remind of appointment and noted not to arrive any early than 5 mins before but they just seem to ignore it?

Any tips? It's driving me insane!!


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Keep telling them to sit in the car until you're ready and eventually they'll get fed up of waiting around and start turning up at the right time. It's purely a respect thing. Put a sign on the door saying please don't ring doorbell until 5 minutes before your appointment due to other clients.


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Yes! I had someone turn up 50 mins early and I wasn't even dressed. I was running about in my undies trying to find something to shove on.
I have 2 extra chairs in my room however I find it a bit intrusive on the other clients' appointment.
I've actually considered getting a chaise longue to sit under my stairs in the hallway so I can just close the door and continue with my appointment. Although when I mentioned this to my kids they said "like Harry Potter?" Lol.

That's exactly what happened to me today!! Long lie Sunday and I was like no I'm not running around for you, you can come back

I have literally no where to even do that so I think sign on the door is what will be happening !


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This is a REAL BIG DEAL to me also.
It used to drive me mad when I worked from home - but equally rages me now I have a salon.

This is the problem.

They come WHEN IT SUITS THEM!!!:mad:
Often, I'm just about to have my ONE BREAK OF THE DAY....o_O and in they roll, 30...40...50 minutes before they have booked....
No matter what their lips say....."I know I'm a little early...I'm happy to wait"....
What they really mean and expect is for you to forgo your lunch...and deal with them.:p

After the appointment...they don't go...they're still in the building.....:oops:

Out comes the phone.....

They then proceed to show you sh*t on their Facebook/twitter/Pinterest...and you have to feign interest.:rolleyes:
They then announce they need to call a cab/their husband/use your toilet.....:eek:

Whilst they're waiting, would you be so kind as to make them a coffee/tea/skinny latte.....But don't worry if you're busy....a water will be fine....just be sure it's from the High land springs of Lock Lomond......o_O

Better early than late :) Anyways, offer them a coffee or tea or something to keep them busy if you have work to do.


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I've trained mine quite well to not do this anymore. I'm very blunt and just tell them. I don't mind a few minutes but it's not fair on me trying to have a wee or something to eat or the client I'm doing. I'm quite rude in fact and just leave them standing. They soon get the message!


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Always happens when clients who don't drive then wait another 15min for their husbands to pick them up and I only schedule 15min lunch break so most days I don't eat.
So this week I was rather blunt I said I had to dose my sick dog some tablets pls excuse me. Which was completely true as my poor doggie has a stroke this week so needs meds.

Omg that infuriates me too " oh I just need to phone my partner he will be 20 mins is that ok?" NO ACTUALLY ITS NOT


Late comers are just as bad - had someone who arrived 20 mins late for a half hour spot - I seen her zoom up my steet and go to the wrong house

Then phones me and lies saying she's totally lost

I'm like "I see you out side I seen you arrive too so I only have 10 mins left so I'll do what I can in that time" she was ragin! But why lie! She's like " your address is wrong on your website it took me to number 5 ( 2 doors up ) I said well I seen you arrive 2 mins ago so you where still 18 mins late at that point



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She was probably sitting in her car on her phone texting someone or on Facebook or something ...


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Better early than late :) Anyways, offer them a coffee or tea or something to keep them busy if you have work to do.
Weirdly, I prefer them to be late...That's their time and not mine.:p

Yip I'm the same - if they are late it gets deducted so not my issue


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I hate this too. A few minutes of course is fine but 15/20 mins plus is rude and irritating.

I've had people so early they've phoned me to say they're in my porch and Ive been on the cliff top on my lunch break with my poor dog who will have sat through several appts already and be gagging for a bit of fresh air. I have to say, I then rather pedantically arrive back about 30 seconds before their due time.

I've had them come in while I finish the previous client and sometimes it's ok but I've had it when the don't say hello or speak whatsoever once the early person arrives and boy is that awkward. And unfair on the client who was enjoying offloading..

I would much rather late than early.


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I hate this :( I always feel like I have to go and open up the salon super early incase someone comes way before their appointment time! I feel embarrassed if they arrive at the salon before I do!

But once I'm there, the door is kept shut until their appointment time. I made a poster on vista print saying "treatment in progress, please take a seat" and I'll lock the door that separates the waiting area from the salon (I work in a big building with a waxing parlour next door). Therefore they have no choice but to sit and wait!

I used to get them coming early and knocking on the door and shouting "hello?!" when I was halfway through a massage :rolleyes:

I'm going to get a sign for the door saying not to ring his bell before their treatment as my door bell is soooo loud and if I'm doing a massage it would make someone shite themselves lol