clip in hair extensions/wefts


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Can anyone recommend a brand of clip in hair extensions? There is one at Sally's can't remember the name of it but's its American something

I don't want to fork out a lot for some brand I've never heard of.

Also are these any good? I've seen some dreadful hair extensions on some people and I am worried I will look like one of these!!

Many thanks


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sorry cant help on your hair ex....just wanted to say luv your name....did you get it from telly tubbies!!!!!!.......that takes me back:eek:xxxx


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hey tinky! i work at sallys, so...bit of a boffin on this subject! before i worked at sallys i had glue in ones which u glue in yourself..looked great and natural, but they aren't the nicest feeling ones.. the glue feels all sticky and yucky! and also gettting them out is a pain!

then i bought some clip in ones and i haven't looked back... :)

they are really easy to put in, its 16.99 (13.77 + vat with sallys card i think! don't quote me on that one!!)a packet and you need 3 packets for a full head of hair as you dont get much in a packet, theres about 20 different colours that we stock so should deffo be able to find your colour! I've had mine since January, i don't wear them everyday, probably like 1-2 a week and they are in top condition still! if you have any more questions just ask! off to watch dragons den now..he he...i just love evan!! xxxxx


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Just watched DDen myself, what's that about a portable shower holder. !!!Crazy !!

Oooh fab is it that american girl brand?

How do I know what colour is right, shall I ask a hairdresser specialist? I know there is a nice girl at Sally's who would help me.

I have a few q's

Are there any websites that do them?
Do they hurt your hair when wearing them?
Do you have to wash & Condition them?
Can they fall out with a big gust of wind?!! Knowing me it'd half of it would end up in a tree or something he he

Tinkywinky comes off teletubbies, god knows why I called myself this. Think my son liked them at the time and I couldn't think of a name.
Its' SO sad!

My figure is not that bad after two babies! lol


hi my daughterweras the jessica simpson ones and she love them sometimes shes curly sometimes she straight and noone has a clue they are clip in well unless she tells them and she wears them all day every day she also has a short one her own hair is shoulder length we never quite sure what length or style she will be she has had them 6 mths and they still look like new

Tammy BTN

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Aston and fincher do the Jessica simpson ones.
They look the best i've seen so far.

IMO pay a little bit extra.

You cannot put a price on people pointing at you like you have a cat on your head.


get them online at jessica simpsons web site they are about 45 in total cheaper than the shops


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The only problem with the jessica simpson ones are that they are NOT human hair, therefore you can't straighten them or when the curl starts to fall out it kinda goes into a undefined wave... it says in the instructions not to use heat on them, so... maybe i'm wrong but cuteycalls daughter does so..

Also its..about £50 for the jessica simpson hair i believe..but for 3 packets of human hair its just under £50 with a sally card... I have been tempted with the jessica simpson, but we've got one on display which is a wreck now, frizzy and tangled and we've only had it on display for about 4 months.. maybe you could check them both out..i'm not gonna force my opinion, every person to their own!

I don't think American Dream is an american brand.LOL..but don't quote me on that...i'll have to research that one! and you can buy them off the sally website, but i wouldn't recommend doing that without checking your colour in store first :green:

the girl at sallys should help you...we have to do it about 10 times a day so she should be pretty good at matching you up :D

they don't hurt your hair, sometimes when you have had them in all day you can feel a bit can i tension..because of the extra weight..although its hardly like having an elephant hang off your head! teehhee!

you can wash them definately! personally (this sounds super trampy!) i havent washed mine because they tend to go a bit stringy when you wash them, i don't know why, that could however be from the persons who hair it was before like it could vary from packet to packet.. we do conditioning sprays...but i dont use them

I have proof they don't fall out in the wind! last year when it was super windy i was walking through the park with them in like 'omg...they are gonna blow off'...but they didnt! although my faith in them was a bit pushed i thought they were gonna fly off into a tree! the clips must be super strong!

hope that helps tinky...and i hope i don't sound like a stark raving looney salesperson...just a boffin on hair extensions! :p xxx


The jesicca ones are good, but am i the only one who thinks clip ins hurt? They are annoying to wear..
The jesica is also available in human hair £300 (way too much IMO)

I am not a prof..but this is what I do: Buy the hair/wefts from ebay (email seller for sample so i can see colour)

I glue them in ..

They last me ages..



I use them and their fab, there human hair and have lasted me 7 months and still havent gone scrappy


oo forgot to mention they are anywhere from £17 - £50
mine are 18" colour 6 and cost me £30-£35


Dont use heat on jessica simpson hair when you have rinsed the hair use rollers to kinda re set it only let it dry naturally perfectly curly again, although my daughter now has both the straight and the curly ones from js range

tracey louise

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i use the ones from sallys and can straigten them ,curl and even colour them if you wanted.i do wash mine now and again but to be honest they dont really need it that often.
they can be a bit annoying but the beauty of them is,(YOU CAN TAKE THEM OUT AND PUT THEM BACK IN WHEN YOU WANT).i would highly recommend them to anyone.they are worth there money.i also took mine to my hairdresser and she cut them for me as my hair has got layers in it helped them blend in with my own hair.i also cut one of the wefts in half so i could place it further down my head.which ment all the others went futher down.they were also abit long so she cut the ends off which also helped straighten the ends up,making them look better and more natural.hths im sure you wouldnt be dissapointed by can get more info by going on to WWW.HAIR-HEAVEN.COM. hths:)