CND 5 day course


What does everyone think of the CND 5 day acrylic nails course?
Im thinking of doing one, this is with sweet squared.
Its 3 days in Whitley Bay, with a fortnight off to practice, then go back for a day, have another fortnight to practice and then one more day??

Is it worth the money? £***
What kind of things do you do? sculptured etc??

My other option was to go to our local college every Monday for 6 months, doing acrylic nails with tip, for £***, using NSI.

Thanks In Advance,
Faye x
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I Loved mine! The educators have a passion for what they teach which in turns can pass onto you and the level of teaching and learning is all the better for it.
I learnt more on the first day of my foundation course then I did the whole time i was at college, it is so worth it in my opinion.... go for it!


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I assume the course is with Wendy Leighton?

Go for it I say.... 4 Years ago I was in a job I hated, and went on the course with Wendy. Loved it! Learned so so much, and ended up doing my masters in L&P with her.

I'm now running a very successful business in Cyprus, and would not be here now if it weren't for the Creative foundation :hug: