CND Additives


I've been experimenting with CND additives but I can't seem to get a smooth colour with the medium green. The pic above is the pigment over cream puff, and then over cream puff with a yellow additive - the yellow gives a smooth colour but as soon as I add the green it seems really uneven - I don't think I'm doing anything different application-wise so wondered if anyone else has some tips? Thanks x

Pestle & mortar? Try grinding a tiny amount up.


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I say why bother putting over Creampuff? 1 it is such a lumpy polish and 2 you can use a green similar color and brush over to get the shimmer. I have all shellac colors in my salon and will say Creampuff is one of the hardest to work with. CND had a limited color range for years but they have really expanded their colors and I find the additives worthless unless I am looking to add shimmer or do a gradient effect.