CND L&P or Brisa?

Looking at wanting to offer extensions and strength with the overlays.
Which is better with CND Liquid and powder or brisa gel? Which is stronger? Which is easier to apply? Can you apply shellac colours over the top of these?


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Both are the same strength wise, once properly constructed. Application ease is really down to personal preference. I'm trained in both but loved L&P from the first second, and loathed gel. Others hate L&P and only use Gel. Gel Polish can be used over both.

Thankyou Trinity. Does it last well? Is it actually acrylic? Or does it last like acrylic? Amy strong smells fumes?


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L&P is acrylic, its the correct terminology for it - Liquid & Powder. Gel is also technically acrylic as both come from the same family of plastics called Acrylic, which is why we call them by the technical term, not just 'acrylic'.

Yes L&P smells, there are low odour brands but the product is not popular despite the lack of smell. Use the search option for threads about low odour monomers.

Thankyou. I am concerned about the smell. What do you think about Polygel?


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Thankyou. I am concerned about the smell. What do you think about Polygel?
I've been doing it for 15 years I can't smell it any more! LOL

I'm still on the fence with the hybrids....not seen a massive upswing in users, it was all the rage for techs for a while but it's gone quiet. No clients seem to know about it yet.


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I would recommend you start with liquid and Powder. You need to be able to offer both really. Like trinity said some techs have a preference but as l&p is the harder if the two to master I would go with that first. It's a little like driving. Train in a manual and an automatic is easy. X

Ahhh brilliant Thankyou both for your advice, that makes sense now. Xx