CND L&P test

Right, so im getting scared now!

Ive got to do the CND L&P quiz this week before I start the course next week and still dont feel prepared enough .
Ive got the study material but there is so much im feeling pretty overwhelmed!

I see there are 80 questions, how long do I get to answer each question does anyone know?

Thank You x


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It's been a long time since I did mine but all the information you need is in the study materials, there are no trick questions, don't panic.

You won't pass if you don't do the work. Read a chapter, walk away, get a coffee, do something else for a while then come back and read it again...I guarantee you've taken in and remembered more than you think.

Remember to read all the questions first, then start from the beginning

Let us know how it goes

I passed, phew!x


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