CND Shellac, bit of a problem-help!


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Hello geeks

Having a bit of a problem with shellac at the mo with any new bottles we buy in.

Once prep is done an base is we are applying the colour coat and are on say the 3rd finger the other 2 fingers have shrunk back?? This has happened on a few colours.

Spoke to CND and been advised base is too thick or cuticle away is not wiped off properly. After taking there advice we are still having problems with certain colours shrinking back, bearing in mind we havent even put them in the lamp to cure.

Have the formulas been changed to suit the nee LED?
Is there anything else we can maybe do to stop this?

Thanks geeks


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Ps all products used and lamps are all CND xx


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I do find that some colours (old or new) are more prone to shrinkage. What I do is apply to 5 fingers, then very quickly go back and touch up any that need doing before curing. Alternatively you can paint 2 fingers, do a 10 second cure and repeat.


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I've always found this with some colours so it's not to do with a change for LED. I do what Pure suggested...paint all nails and then go over the tips again. Lilac longing and tropix are two offenders for me.


I did find that when I had that problem it did help to do the base coat thinner! but if ever I do I just do what pp suggested, just paint all then quickly go back and fix the parts that pulled back. However flash curing more often than not leads to making the polish wrinkling for me!


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When Pepping the nails as advised make sure cuticle away is fully and thoroughly removed but also make sure the nails are dry after using your soapy water and before you Scrubfresh.
Make sure you scrubfresh thoroughly including across and just under the free edge, scrubbing the scrubfresh in (its called scrubfresh for a reason and not tapfresh or dabfresh!)
Before using your base coat give it a good firm shake. Apply thinly ensuring you apply across the free edge to seal- wherever the base coat goes the colour coat will follow- no base coat over the free edge means colour will not stay over the free edge.

Shake your colour bottle firmly and thoroughly before opening and again, ensure you seal the free edge with the colour coat.

They are the key points that come to mind, its honestly not something I experience regularly but if it is something you are getting a lot of with lots of different clients then it may be worth a visit to your nearest CND EA to see if they can shed some light for you.


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great advice above, the only other thing i can think of is that some new colours when they first arrive have thicker pigments in them that settle to the bottom so i would get a tooth pick and give the bottle a good stir and then a good shake just to make sure all of the components of the shellac are equally mixed and you should get a better coverage with less shrinkage :)