CND Shellac chipping


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I have just completed my CND shellac beginners course this week and before I start to work on clients, I have been doing my mum's nails. They are strong but a bit dry.

I have followed the step by step guide to PEP with dry manicure, but they seem to chip/peel on the same finger each time on the capped edge. Peels off about 1 cm of colour.:mad::mad::(

Please can someone provide advice?



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Hi, can you run through your pep step by step and your timings and we may be able to solve the issue :)xx


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Right hand thumb, left hand corner, I'd say opening her phone case/purse/shampoo/something....if its same finger, same place over and over it must be client damage.


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I start my checking the nails for any issues then both of us use coolblue.

File using the 240 nail file to desired length and shape.

If needed use cuticle away, gently push back towards cuticle space then wash off with soap and water to remove cuticle away. If not I will do a dry manicure using my cuticle pusher.

Doing the full wet manicure took about 20 mins but a dry takes between 5-10 mins.

Use scrub fresh on lint free wipes for 5 seconds on each nail, making sure to include the lateral folds.

Making sure that there is no rogue bits of skin left, then ready to apply base coat.

I painted them yesterday morning and by this morning they had chipped as per picture but she is not aware of using anything that could hace done it.


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Which lamp are you using?


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The official cnd led lamp I got at training.


Does she put her hand too flat in the lamp? It sounds odd but sometimes (especially with darker colours) the sides of the thumbs don’t cure properly, try curing the thumbs separately or getting the client to lift their thumbs so they’re not flat to the bottom of a lamp whilst curing.


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I dont think so as I have a new lamp that is moulded. I will give it a try tho. Obv scared to work on paying clients if this happens.

Tha ks


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I agree with Trinity. Does she by any chance wear a Pandora bracelet?


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Or use that right hand to clip her watch or a something on with.
Looks like wear tear chip to be honest , something she is doing if you look at the place .
Like getting caught in her zipper which she might not even be aware of .


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Ive gone through what she did. The only thing it could be is getting changed.

Mum does not wear any bracelets or watches whih is why I find it strange that it has happened.

What Im going to do is remove it from the chipped nail and reapply. Then fingers crossed.