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Hayley Frank

Jan 20, 2019
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Leamington Spa
Hi there

I am Level 3 Beauty qualified (2002) but worked in a different industry all my life. Following maternity leave, I am looking to work from home. I'm currently trained with Nouveau Lashes, Body Sugaring, Spray Tan and Henna Brows....but I have never been able to master nails.

I have used various brands of gel polish. My main concern is no gel polish has ever lasted without chipping or lifting for more than a few days on myself therefore I'm a bit lost with confidence. I was using Shellac, purchased from Ellison's, and had multiple issues with chipping on clients too.

Given that I trained a long time ago, I'd like to re-train so I can really master this. I don't want to quit on Shellac so was looking at doing their beginners course as I'd like to then do their core nail art course too. But When I look on forums and reviews, I see that chipping with shellac is arguably a common problem. I need the system I choose to be reliable. I also hear shellac is only good fir strong, healthy nails. If so, if I trained in Polygel, could this be used for clients that need more strength? (There are no Brisa gel courses near me). And can shellac be used over the top? I want to be able to offer both natural nail and enhancements.

I hear a lot of recommendation for TGB. Found their customer service rude and unsupportive. I am not wanting to go with them for this reason...but if they really are the best...then I may have to.

Why choose a power polish (shellac) over a true gel,?? If it doesn't last adong...


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Nov 1, 2017
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Shellac is not a gel polish, and not as hard wearing as many gel polishes, so it could maybe be that's why you are experiencing chipping with that? I use Lilly Nails gel polish (and their hard gels) and most of my gel polish customers get the usual 3 weeks with no chipping, but some of my customers who are more rough with their hands get only 2 weeks. I love their colours too, and it's Cruelty free, which cnd shellac is not. I know you were put off by Gel Bottle due to your experience with their customer service, which is understandable, but if the product is good (which it is) it might be worth a try anyway, to see how you get on. Gelish is also long lasting gel polish and has been around forever, but I don't use gelish personally, just from what I learned from other techs. :)

Have you tried looking at your application, to see how it can be approved? Have you tried "scrubbing" the base gel into the nail, instead of just stroking it on?

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