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Discussion in 'Nail' started by naturalnails, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. naturalnails
    Got my Scratch Magazine with the Gloss supplement and in it there is a picture of CND Urban Oasis nail colour - anyone come across this before?

    It is a stunning dark teal colour. Anyone got it? Is it really as stunning as it looks - bet it is!
  2. mizzy_dizzy
    I noticed that to looks good I wonder if it might be the seasonal limited adition ? Like shuger sparkle was ,
  3. dellaznailz
    fingernailfixer has it on her facebook page Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle:eek:

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  4. RachFace
    Its a limited edition set with teal sparkle and it has just come out in the US but doesnt seem to be in the UK yet. I NEED it :) x
  5. dellaznailz
    Holly (fingernailfixer)is doing a comp to win one on facebook :)
  6. deanosnana
    Staff Member
  7. naturalnails
    Oh now there's an idea LOL.

    I will keep an eye on S2 website then for the Fall colours.

    Thanks all.
  8. FingerNailFixer
    it is AMAZING in person, I'm totally in love lol I will go blog about the competition to win one right now!!
  9. geeg
    Sweet Squared will have it in stock very shortly so watch out for it. x
  10. naturalnails
    I'm watching, I'm watching LOL
  11. Vetty
    Me too, me too!! I NEED teal nail polish.......
  12. RachFace
    me too me too lol
  13. katiebbaby
    OH yes me too,, I NEED one so bad,,,hopefully in shellac too. x
  14. mizzy_dizzy
    I have an insert in my nails magazine called the look fall /winter 2010 they have it in here in one page it looks like they have the matte top coat over it mmmmmm
    its also got some fab step by steps so look out for it :)
  15. xEmmax
    Sweet squared have got this in now, just ordered mine! x :)
  16. mizzy_dizzy
    ... and they have silver and gold ....
  17. DinkyPinky
    All I can say is oh wow - tried the new Urban Oasis yesterday - it really is lush as we say in Bristol :lol:
  18. Yuri
    I got this in the post this morning (also got the sugar sparkle set & silver/gold).

    Can't wait to try them out later tonight :)
  19. DinkyPinky
    The sweet and sugar sparkle is great too. Can you let me know if the silver sparkle is very different to sugar sparkle? I thought they might be too similar to bother buying both x

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