Cold sore?

Hi all. Just wondering if it's possible to contract a cold sore from using a lipstick or drinking from a bottle of someone with a coldsore?


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Yes, you can catch it from using a lipstick or drinking from someones bottle/glass!

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Actually those with herpes are advised to not even share towels. I wouldn’t and I Dettol mugs that all my clients have used as it kills it. The virus may well not be active after a few seconds on inanimate objects however a burst spore isn’t something that can be disinfected.

It’s more of a would you really want to question. We aren’t even meant to do facials on someone with cold sores and that’s the risk to our faces from being near it as it can cause blindness from ocular herpes.

Instead of sharing a lipstick, use a disposable lip brush.
I would never treat with a cold sore. It was just a discussion we were having and online they tell you it's only spread by direct contact but I was trying to explain that that's why you shouldnt put samples of lip products onto your lips in shops ect. Thanks for the replies