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Just out for curiosity I would like to know peoples preferred colour house/brand and there reasons as to why?


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Wella, I trained with it so it's ingrained into my brain, and every trime I stray from it I'm left disappointed as nothing lives up to it in my opinion.

I find them very innovative as well, especially after the introduction of Illumina.


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I have to second that @cassies97.
In the salon we now use framesi which I like, but not as much as wella. Framesi is very versatile and extremely innovative, fashion forward, but there's something about it that doesn't cut it every time for me.
If you can afford to use it wella is the way to go. We only stopped using it because of the price increase and being based in what's certainly not an affluent area, we just couldn't absorb the extra cost, and neither did we feel that we could push that extra cost on to our clients.
If you can't afford it, then I'd definitely take a look at Framesi, we tried lots of brands after wella reformulation and price hike, and Framesi was the next best thing.


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My preferred is always Wella, I strayed away from it 3 years ago.(mainly because of the rep) and have been using Davines which is also a fantastic rang but was always left thinking "it's not wella"

I did my master colour expert with wella 8 years ago so know it like the back of my hand. I find it is very reliable and consistent with results. With the new formulation it's even better and I find it much better value for money than ever before. from a business point of view... we get free salon training, a great discount per tube and a really good cashback on account each year and also a training allowance for their studio classes too.