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Oct 30, 2017
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I have a client,natural level 6, mids and ends bleached level 9/10,she coloured her regrowth with 9/1 Majirel with 6% ,but it turned coppery orange.
She would like to be light blonde,level 8 all over.
My question is can i apply a colour remover on the dark area,to remove the previous colour,leaving the roots 1 inch,i can imagine it will come out lighter orange.
Then to colour with 9/11 or 9/81 Koleston with 9% on the dark area,away from roots for 20 min,then apply at the roots in the end or 10/81 with 6%?
Also i need to choose a colour to apply on the mids and ends ,maybe a 9/73 CT with 1.9% ,on the previously bleach parts,in order to achieve light blonde result,level 8 all over,she does not want bleach anymore on her hair,so i have to lift it with colours.
Any suggestions regarding technique and colour choice.
I am a level 2 mobile hairdresser,when i took my degree 11 years ago ,they did not teach us about colour correction.
Please see attached a photo with her hair now.
Thank you


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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
Argh, another client that’s got damaged dry hair from improper use of colouring products/bleach.
They’re so frustrating and because they don’t understand what they’re doing, they automatically think using bleach is going to cause lots of damage, which of course it won’t, if it’s done properly.

Colour reducers are expensive products compared to bleach and also more time consuming so you should always price your services accordingly. Therefore, you could offer her two choices and maybe make the bleach a more attractive option financially, as it will be a simple process to use a weak bleach solution to lift the hair a bit lighter, assuming it’s currently around a 7. If you’re looking for a neutral level 8, you might be better off toning using a level 8 tint in CT rather than a 9.

Regarding colour correction theory. Have you read the thread about colour reducers? You have to use a tint 2 levels lighter than your target shade to take into account the re-oxidisation of the original colour.


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