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Feb 3, 2012
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My hair has been bleach blonde for years, painted on to my head using Loreal Platinium and a toner, my hair was getting in bad condition so I decided I wanted a change and to tone it down. (please look at pics)
I just wanted my roots doing as foils instead of bleaching on my head and a darker blonde colour on the underneath, and a few tiny lowlights in the top of my hair. Basically I just wanted to be "less blonde"
The hairdresser has basically turned my hair brown as you can see from my picture. I'm devastated and hate the colour. There is also like a ginger colour on my roots and I have no idea how that is there? I have washed my hair in vosene about 10 times and the colour has faded slightly but not much. I desperately want my old hair back! Can anyone offer me any advice? I know if I go to a hairdresser and ask for foil highlights they will refuse as my hair is likely to snap! please help!
The first pic is the colour I wanted to go, the second is my hair now and the third is how it was to begin with


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