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Nov 30, 2005
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Both me and my sister are getting bored of our hair colours now, surprisingly enough my sister is the worst for changing her mind frequently on hair colours and there is only so much I can do!!

We both have shoulder length layered hair which we normally straighten, my layers are quite short now on top going to long about 5 in length on top with fringe.

Thinking of putting some flashes in or something? Not worked in a salon for years so maybe new techniques or ideas can anyone suggest anything.

Also placement I worry about the layers and whether or not it would look wrong.
Is there a rule of how many each side of the head or anything like that, maybe someone can suggest.

We have both bleach underneath our darker hair so I know if I were to re bleach Id only use pastel and be very careful to do test pieces first, Just want to jazz our hair up a bit. Will hopefully post a picture of my hair to give you an idea, sisters hair is very similar although hers is thicker and has no fringe.
Help anyone ?
Tried to upload pic but it wont work says file is too big, not sure how to make the photo smaller using windows photo gallery.
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