Colour reducers versus colour strippers


Just looked at their press info and it’s a standard colour reducer, so it should be fine if you follow the instructions carefully. The key part is to keep moving the hair whilst rinsing and keep rinsing. Use a timer to ensure you rinse for the correct amount of time because any molecules left behind will re-oxidise.
Yeah I've had a look and they look good so fingers crossed, I'm going to bleach bath it after anyway, thank you


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I don't understand the peroxide mix test? You apply neat peroxide to a section and wait for the hair to go darker ? Also what is everyone's favourite colour reducer? X
Affinage eraser!!! That's seriously game changing stuff! It actually conditions and makes it feel better as it restores the ph levels


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This is super helpful thanks guys


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Thoughts on wella renew?


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Thank you for sharing.


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Thoughts on wella renew?
I love it!!! Easy to mix to a nice gel consistency that spreads well.
No odour, no sting, cover with a cap and leave or heat under an infared.

Awesome results with great condition.