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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Clairethehair, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Clairethehair
    Could anyone tell me the best permanent colour stripper that doesn't lift virgin hair please.
    The Hair has been previously bleached and toned to a light ash blonde then dyed back to a Matrix base 6w. My client has 1 inch roots, natural base 6 and wants to go back to very light blonde.
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  2. ClaireJones
    Affinage do a colour remover.
    How long has she had the base 6 on for ? Would a gentle bleach bath work better? X
  3. lisax3
    I didn't think affinage worked very well when we had them in for a training day to see how the products were, but Claire is right a bleach bath might be a lot less harsh on the hair x
  4. Hairfairy ❤️
    Nxt do very good eraser ! But hair does look warm afterwards! Maybe strip it and tone it ? Or full head babylights and tone it?
  5. Clairethehair
    The base 6 has been in for a few months, I think I'll go for the gentler bleach bath option, many thanks x
  6. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    An interesting comment. In my view, bleach is always going to be the more damaging option.

    I'm surprised you weren't impressed with Affinage as I think it's a brilliant product and always use this over bleach when lifting out old colour build-up. You do have to use it properly with regards to rinsing otherwise any remaining colour molecules will re-oxidise.
  7. Sawpaw
    Leyton house x
  8. Clairethehair
    I've ordered Affinage colour remover to try first. Never used it so quite excited. It's the small things lol
  9. Hayleyhair
    Leyton house do a really good colour remover .. you can buy from hairways

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