Colour under the builder gel?

Hi geeks!
I have a question abou gel nails.
The way we learl for applying gel is first the base coat,then the builder gel,then the colour and finish with top coat.
The question is,has anyone tried the opposide?i mean,first base coat,then the colour ,after the builder gel and top coat.
I think in the second case ,you can camouflash some inperfactions of the builder gel(because if you do the colour after the builder gel,if there are any imperfactions they will show).the bad thing though in the second case is that every time you redo them ,you will have to file the gel all the way down to the natural nail.
What do you think?have you tried it??
The second method is very popular in asia to seal the nail art or just to make soft gel polish to last longer. We do both methods in the salon. Yeah, you have to file down everything when clients redo them with the second method.

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Thank you for your answer.
When you say to make the soft gel last longer ,you mean that you use soft colour gel with the hart builder gel?you put the soft colour gel under and then you build with the hart builder gel?is that ok to do?i had the impresion that you can not compine soft gel with hard gel on top because then the hart gel will crack.
From your experience that's not true?
What we do in my salon is harmony probond - harmony base - shellac or opi gel polish two coats - ibd clear hard gel or builder gel - harmony top coat.
It's ideal for the clients who get their nails chipped easily.

We do the traditional way, too. Overlay first and then soft gel polish. It's ideal for weak / broken nails.

We charge extra $20 for either way of the overlays. My shop is in Australia. And again, softgel before overlay is very popular way they do it in asia. They don't do the western style of overlay and then polish.
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Great!thanks.that was very helpfull.
We've never experienced any cracking issues if that was your concern :)

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Yes,that's what i had been told so that's why i was affrait to try it on a client.
So there is no problem to but the base gel then the colour gel or a shellac colour and then build it with my builder gel on top...

oooo!! i have to try this! x


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Similar lines.... but does this work with structure gel on top of the colour and then top it off??