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Mar 2, 2019
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Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape extensions for a friend at the salon and they were a slight tone difference even though they matched perfectly on the colour ring! Shed asked if someone she knows can dye them and I said no I will dye them for you as a good will gesture and to ensure it was done correctly for I felt obliged as I fitted them. In my experience I've coloured extension hair over and over and not had a problem. These didn't take so well on the first sitting and shed asked for a re colour, I strand tested a Peice and found nobproblem so recoloured, again no charge. The whole service I haven't made a profit as I didn't charge for fitting or the colours. The client has sent pictures of the hair, and I agree it looks horrific!! The condition is so matted and these are supposed to be aaaa 100% human Indian remy hair! I know the stockists wont refund as we've coloured them but I believe the hair i was sold from a proffesional stockist I was advised to buy from has sold shit hair basically. The client is demanding her £160 back, if it was a problem with a service and the money was there in profit is have no qualms in returning it, but because she paid for the hair no fitting no colour theres been no profit made, the 160 was spent on the hair that we both agreed to


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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
You shouldn’t really have tried to colour them in the first place so I think you need to accept you made a mistake and refund your client.

The hair in Hair Extensions come from lots of different human heads, not a production line, so you are NEVER going to get a uniform consistency between batches and sometimes, the hair will take further colouring and sometimes it won’t. If you choose to colour them, it’s entirely at your own risk.

The supplier you buy from does all the colour matching and then sells on the hair that closely matches the colours in their colour rings. If the batch you receive doesn’t match the colour in the colour ring, you should return it immediately and ask for a replacement batch.


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Mar 20, 2014
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Aberdeen, Scotland
I never suggest colouring extensions. Exactly as stated above.
Its one of these things you have to learn From
Sorry this happened to you.
I'd also look into the supplier. As far as I've been made aware the AAA rating is just made up.
Hope this helps

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