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well there is a lady (28) who lives not far from me who is a hairdresser, i dont know her personally, but she has a beautiful little 3yr old girl..... WHOS HAIR SHE HAS PUT HIGHLITES IN!!!! ahhhh it breaks my heart evry time i see it, talk about kiddies growing up 2 quick.. i guess in this case its mummy wanting a barbie 2 dress up maby? :sad: either way i think its vile... 10, 11, 12 + i think is fine so long as its nice, subtle and natural xx

:eek: 3 Years old...Thats shocking and totally wrong IMO.

Poor kid. x

My daughter is 11 and has gorgeous brown curly hair...She's always asking for blonde highlights in it.

Up until now i have put her off simply because her hair condition is so good.

I dont disagree with having childrens hair coloured within reason and IMO 12/13 Is a good age!

3 Is outrageous.:eek:


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My opinion is once the child is in high school. Wash out hair rinses were big when I was in high school about 15 years ago.
That's also the time girls want to start shaving etc and girls do get bullied if they don't fit in with the other girls at school. It's also a self esteem issue.
So I think once in high school that's fine.


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isn't it very much up to the parents to make a judgment and one that fits into the policy set out with the school that they go to.

That saidI know from personel experiance that schools have different rulings on this issue ..

My lad goes to a very posh private school ..when he was 14 he became a "mosher" great bunch of kids but they do like to look a bit kind of well Gothy...and of course out came a bottle of hair dye and he went to school with jet black be fair to the lad he did in fact look cool.

Well it wasn't before he was hauled up to see the Twitt of a headmaster who gave him some greif and informed him that it was against school rules for hair to be dyed...he was duly sent home with the instruction to have his hair cut off and not return back to the school untill he had done so.

Now I am certainly one who beleives in rules however they do need to be sensible,balanced, fair and reasonable and of course once I had heard of my son's problem I took the lad back to school through the playground and grabed the first Purple haired girl I could lay my hands on and marched off to see the headmaster and plonked them both down in front of him.

The rest I guess you can work out for yourself..needless to say the school had to back down and changed the rules.:)

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Oops, what a prat of a headmaster! Schools can be so nit picky about such things though, it's quite daft!


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my eldest daughters school wont let any kids have their hair coloured. she doesn't want her hair coloured but she asks why the teachers are allowed to have theirs done and the kids aren't!! what do you say??!!!
The same as I tell my sons, because they are adults and most importantly because thats the rules and unjust as it seems to them thats the way it is! Get used to it, you've got a lot of similar situations coming your way.

They didn't like it but that is life :lol:
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well, my daughter colours her own hair but im scared it will damage it when its older. shes only 12. it looks gr8 tho. Im jelous x x x


in my salon we have highlighted a 13 year old, her mom stayed with her, i wouldn't do any service on a child without the parents knowledge, i s'pose that's the main thing as long as it looks more natural and 'nice' i don't see any problem we would't want to send any child out looking 'too old'.
I started highlighting my sons hair when he was 5, just a few in his fringe, he's 14 now and has really long hair and he looks awful his natural colour so I'm still foilng it



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My mum is the sort of person who is convinced that colouring your hair ruins it so of course would not allow my sister to go to the hairdressers (or my aunty's who's a trained hairdresser) to get her hair highlighted or coloured, i really wish she had though as then my sister wouldn't have done what she did which was to start using the stongest possible strength of "sun in" spray on her mid brown hair to get it blonder, she used so much of it and so often that in the end her hair just broke off it was so brittle and i'm convinced she has ruined her hair because of it as she must have used it constantly from the age of about 14 or 15 till she was 17 almost 18 (well she probably went onto the home bleach kits at some point but most of the time to "top it up" she'd use the sun in spray), i remember the age cos we only realised the damage she'd done to her hair when she got my aunty to cut it once she was pregnant as she stopped bleaching it then due to the midwife telling her too.
So in my opinion its much safer to get a qualified hairdresser to dye a childs hair (probably from age 13+) then to have them experiment at home with disasterous consequences!


I totally agree with you, so many kids wreck their hair (and adults) at home and then expect us (the hairdresser) to put it right and then we get the blame if we can't do it how they wanted!!!! if you know what i mean:mad:

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My opinion is once the child is in high school. Wash out hair rinses were big when I was in high school about 15 years ago.
That's also the time girls want to start shaving etc and girls do get bullied if they don't fit in with the other girls at school. It's also a self esteem issue.
So I think once in high school that's fine.
tell me about it - i had to endure hairy legs all through secondary school cos my mum banned me from shaving them like the other girls did (apparantly you can't shave your legs till you get married!!) the same with hair.... all the other girls had colours and highlights and i was never allowed, years of bully for both accounts lol!!!

Needs less to say i make up for the hair colouring now (im 26) and my mum STILL is strictly against it... she says you should be happy with what you got and if your not born with it you dont need it!!! pmsl!!xxx


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I am a Hair Stylist and a Nail Tech as well as a mother of 5. As a Nail Tech, I will not put Nail Extensions on anyone under the age of 17. The same goes for hair color. Children have enough to worry about without putting the extra effort in to worry about colouring thier hair on time or thier nails. All young ladies are naturaly beautiful. That is what I tell all of them and that it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. Let these young ladies be young for as long as possible without ruinning thier natural beauty that god has given to them.


Hi I'm new to the site. Hello everyone.
We were told at college not to colour childrens hair until in their teens as the medulla won't have properly formed, although some people don't have them at all. Not sure why it's important?:confused:
I wait until the hair is mature enough , 14 -15.


I have just done flashes for two girls aged 15 and 13 - I bleached their hair and then applied blue and purple Crazy Colour. I've also done highlights for a 13 year old. BUT... I always talk through all the downsides to using bleach, I always use ammonia-free, and I talk through the financial side of them keeping up with root touch-ups, and how school might feel (... the possibility they may also be paying to dye it back!) with them and their mum.

My biggest issue for teens is the cost - they all want massive discounts, and it's just not worth the time and equipment to do it at a discount (I work for myself) but I always end up doing 'favours.' Then this disloyal little sh!ts get a cheap bleach kit from Boots, mess up the condition of their ends, and wonder why I don't rush to bleach their hair in the future!!!

At the end of the day, the way I see it is that it's up to the parent - but I agree earrings on babies is plain yucky. I saw a toddler with massive hoops in earlier this week - it's just dangerous!!

Boys are just as bad as girls. I have a 14 year old boy who regually goes to a trendy salon in knutsford for his hair to be coloured and styled. Mornings are a nightmare with gel and the mirror. Thank god he doesnt wear make up less he will never get to school

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Today color is the perm we all used to wear...

It isn't so much about beauty, but fashion trends, we've seen straight, flat, parted in the middle then super tight afro curls, bi level and so on... high lights are the modern version of yesterday's curly perm, better to be done safely in a salon with a knowledgeable stylist than on each other in the bathroom at home.

What age? 10 & 11 seems to be the popular age for 10- 12 foils through the top, 13-16 seem to want full head highlights, 16+ want dimensional color, tone on tone or more advanced highlighting techniques. Why not, it's no different than the girls who want perms.