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Keen to hear from both business owners and therapists...

Say someone came in for a treatment that they saw on Treatwell which is already a bit discounted. They loved the treatment and therapist has now succeeded in upselling to a course of 3. Would the course of 3 include the treatment they just had? Or would it only start from the next treatment.

What's the general expectation from clients?


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Most of our salon clients don’t include the 1st one.

I’d go down the route of:
“Great you loved it. We could offer you a course of 3 further treatments for £x”


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That's what I thought we should be doing. But there is a difference in opinion here. Hence keen to hear some opinions. Anyone else?


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If it helps to explain it to other parties:

The first one was a separate offer and a separate contract that included Treatwell as one of the parties within the contract. (You, Treatwell & client)

The new offer is for a course of 3 treatments @ £xx and forms a new contract that’s just between the client and your business. (You & client)