Commission, repeat commission, refunds & vat


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Hello everyone,

Just a quick opinion question (as many opinions as possible valued) based on what others do:

I currently pay a flat 10% on products and 5% on first courses booked only. No targets. Questions:
  1. Is commission payable if the client rebooks the same course?
  2. Is commission payable if client buys the same product again?
  3. what if they walk in to buy the same product again vs buying it again after completing a treatment from the same therapist
  4. what if they buy the same product again but this time with a different therapist
  5. what if they ask for a refund halfway through the course of treatment. Do you deduct the commission off the therapist or swallow the loss?
  6. does commission include vat?


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1 - 4 Yes, commission is payable.

5. The therapist has sold the treatment package so the commission has been earnt. It’s unfortunate that the client cancels mid-way through, but that’s life.

6. Commission is part of their wages so no.


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Thank you.
For 5 - I'm aware (after researching) that some places pay commission as a PAYG e.g. for a course of 3 - its paid as 40/30/30 every time the client completes the treatment. The reason is the its fairer especially if they leave and another therapist picks it up. Also, it means that they get consistent (possibly monthly) regular commissions. Anyone with any experience of this?

I've also read of some places that offer very small commissions on every single treatments - say 1-2%. So that they're motivated to get people to rebook. Any experience with this?

Apologies for so many basic level questions - the lack of experience really shows : (