Competiton spying through my window!

just out

iv just opened my beauty salon yesterday and just has a phone call to say one ov the competition has just been spying through my window then went straight onto her phone (god knows wot about tho) have any ov you geeks had this i said to my partner im glad she been down having a look i think i would do the same if someone opened shop near me he is worrying tho xx


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Yes, I've had this and they still do, don't worry about it.


It happens all the time! I know it can be a bit intimidating at first but you will get used to it

You should be pleased with yourself that your competitors think your good enough to give them some competition!

Hope the opening night was a great success for you xx

just out

im am chuffed that she been down having a look im actually over the moon haha, :green::green::green:
the opening day went really well guys posted a thread yesterday telling everybody how it went, ive gettin 50 booked appointments woohoo! everybody enjoyed themselves and cant wait until monday til all the treatments begin :), thats when all the fun and hard work begins bring it on! thanx everybody again xxxx:hug::hug::hug:

I opened my salon 20 weeks ago and in the vilae where i am there were 3 beauty places, none like mine though, one of which has already closed down and the other two left arnt doing too well i believe where as my business is booming.

i have one of them looking in my window every week. last week they even came in the salon, daughter first to use the sunbed, (which she didnt even get undressed for) and mother later that day asking me where i movede my promotional stock too, in an abruptful manner.

the saln closed down used to tell people not to come to the end of the day, whenever they mention my salon to one of their customers or people passing, its one more person who knows about me that i didnt get to advertise too. More fool them lol

Best just to be nice. I even dropped in a price list to them just to let them know I knew who they were and told them to pop in if they which to use any of my services. ;-)


michelle g

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I think it's funny especially when they think you can't see them or know who
they are.


I feel sorry for them, just imagine how they must feel, there business failing.. Sorry I just hope that does'nt happen to you, It's hard work keeping a business afloat now days. and up pops another business, doing what you do best.:cry: thg

just out

thanks guys was my 1st day of trading today had 6 appointments in another 9 booked so its looking up and im so pleased its off to a good start try my bloody best to keep it that way i will watch this space thanx again you all have been lovely big kiss and hugs:hug: xx

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Sometimes we all need inspiration...


It is great to hear how you are doing but this would make a great blog entry.

Please check out this thread:

Please dont make assumptions - what if the person you all are discussing happens to be another Geek - does this make nice reading for them to see you all saying how sad they are.

gillian w

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Thats the way it should be. If you are serious about a business.
Everyone needs to be nosey about their competition, stop being competitive and just assume you are the best then you will be on the way to failure.
Its a cut throat, dog eat dog business no doubt about it especially at the moment.


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Congratulation with your shop. Checking out the competition is normal so dont worry. I do it from time to time, doesnt everyone!?!?
What a confidence booster to be checked out tho.
Louise x


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Take it as a compliment if you are being checked out :hug:


I dont mind holding my hands up. Am afraid when I first opened I had a proper snoop around the competition (hee hee). It gives you a few ideas on opening. I would definitely take it as a compliment, although it must be quite annoying sometimes, I did it on a Sunday when they were closed. Must admit I darent probably do it now as they probably know what I look like and knowing my luck they would catch me ! xx