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Sep 16, 2009
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Queensland, Australia
Warning, rant ahead.

Two days ago I flicked on my wax pot (two months old), to have the button spark, fly out at me, smoke and singe my fingertip black.

Luckily nothing worse then that happened, if you discount my mother's now hairy legs.

No issue though, I contacted company where I purchased from to organise replacement. I was very laid back as having worked in customer service know these things happen and can be easily sorted. They didn't sound too phased by my near death experience, but no matter. As I live two plus hours from nearest pro stockist, I left heater with my Mum to drop in for me.

When my lovely mother returned the pot, the woman not only didn't apologise but apparently had "attitude" and went on to explain how she had never seen any issues with this pot in 7 years, no returns, and then said "oh yes, she has had it on too high obviously". Ummmm NO lady, Id considerately wiped the thing down before returning it to you. Which in turn moved the dial. Sidenote: If having it set on 7 causes electrocution perhaps you should consider a warning label. Have to wonder what effect "death by 7 setting" would have on sales.

Well, I'm tired of poor customer service. I will be displaying my frustration by finding a more considerate and professional supplier. But really WHY is good customer service so rare these days? Anybody in Australia who can recommend a company for general beauty supplies with great customer service? Appreciated. xx

End rant.


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Sep 19, 2008
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east sussex
I really like capital, sallys is near me to but i dont go in their evan if i see what i want is cheeper as the customer service is so bad. But that may just be my store. X

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