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Oct 6, 2007
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Hi, Im a new member, and so pleased that I have found this site!! Im a beginner and sooo need some help. I completed a 15hr acylics course in March, and since then have been practicing with just pink acrylic ( the plan was to try and master the pink, before I attempted the dreaded pink and white) but because the nails looked so plain, I attempted to do very basic nail art with polish, striper brush and dotting tool, but after seeing so many amazing designs on this site, ( coloured acylic, glitter fade etc) I would love to learn how they are done and what products to use. Do technicians mix coloured glitter with clear acylic? If so what ratio? or do you buy it already mixed? Does it apply the same? What brands are used, or best? Would I need a seperate acrylic brush? Where can I purchase glitter products etc. So sorry for so many questions, but so much I want to learn. Any advice would be very very much appreciated!! Many Thanks! Sarah.:rolleyes:


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Sep 17, 2005
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east coast of England
Hi Sarah

EzFlow do a large range of pre blended glitter acrylic, they are lush and the colours are amazing.
I would recomend using a differenty brush for the glitter.
you can do a design class with them for colour fading etc , im not sure if you have to do their conversion acrylic first tho.
call graftons for your nearest training centre on 01827280080.
Also look into subscribing to scratch magazine for all nail info & training etc

good luck!
Carrie xx

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