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Aug 1, 2018
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South yorkshire
Hi all new to all this but wondering if any of you could help,
I have been mobile hair for 5years and i have been curious about opening a salon
I have the perfect nail tech and make up artist
I have done my research on those and i have a girl
Who i have worked with over a 10year period who is also a hairdresser who i would also take on so reliable staff isnt the issue
It is just getting a good location
What should i be looking for? That is the only hurdle i seem to have is what to look for in a good commercial property? Any advice would be great thank you xxx


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Nov 8, 2013
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South Wales
Near other shops
Disabled access

Those 3 are the golden priorities for me but often times it’s very difficult to find premieses with all 3.

Would staff be on self employed basis or employed by yourself?

My advice would be do not employ anyone else until you have worked alone for a bit and built up a rapport amongst locals, clients etc, because whilst at first you may have an influx of clients the ‘newness’ will die down. Xx

Sharon from Torquay

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Aug 2, 2018
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Hi, we have recently taken on a new hair and make up studio in Torquay as clients, www.torquaydevonhairandmakeup.com and advised them on all aspects of taking commercial premises including the location & footfall, negotiated the conditions of the lease (important), and one thing that we would recommend is to set up a limited company. It's not necessarily about how much you earn when thinking about ltd companies v sole trader but about protecting yourself from aggressive and litigious landlords should the business not work out in that location. Go limited and negotiate that you do give any personal director guarantees. Some agents or landlords will stand fast on wanting this but hold your grouynd and reason with them, Failing that, walk away and accept that it wasn't meant to be. With regards to staffing, i would recommend employing rather then trying the self employed route for various reasons but get employment contracts done. This is something that we as business accountants do for free for our clients. It's all about protecting yourself and your business at this stage. After that you need to get your marketing head on and work out your USP (Unique selling point). Once last thing is pricing...don't under=price your services. If you don't value yourself then how do you expect your clients to? lol. Have a great day and hope this helps! any further tips please don't hesitate to come back to me.

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