Council permission for microblading?


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hi, im trying to get my business set up as I am new to microblading. well not set up right away, I am just trying to research everything I need in order to be set up. so as I was doing some research, I came across a thread on this site that was mentioning if that person who had posted , "spoke with the council?" in order to go mobile or run a business from home and be within their guidelines . can anybody help me out to figure out who the council is? or what to look up so I can speak with council. also any advice would be so helpful in order to run a business , what to expect, good pricing, etc. thank you in advance.


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Hello and welcome to SalonGeek.

I see you are based in Texas in the States. The founder of Salon Geek is an American now living in the UK so this site is based in the UK. Therefore, many of the members are UK or Europe based and a lot of geeks post on the basis of assuming they’re living in the UK.
We do have a lot of Stateside, African and Aussie geeks etc. too but if you’re not living in the UK and your query is about training, qualifications or setting up a business, it’s useful to mention where on the planet you’re living when posting a question otherwise, you might get advice that’s not relevant to your circumstances. :)

In the UK for instance, there are no State Boards but there are local councils who provide a wide variety of services to the area including education, public libraries, rubbish collections, sports facilities etc. They also make local laws and are responsible for ensuring minimum standards of health and hygiene for particular treatments carried out within their area. This means that someone living and working in Glasgow, Scotland might have to abide by different rules to someone living and working in Manchester, England.

I don’t have any specific advice for you but maybe start by contacting your local State Board?


Where abouts are you located?