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Aug 16, 2003
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I had a client in today for her regular maintenance appointment. She has a natural nail overlay, I originally applied tips and she has since stopped biting her nails and they have now grown so I apply just an overlay for her.

On one of her nails the gel had split/cracked completely across the nail. Although the gel was still attached and in tact (it wasnt even wobbly or bendy like it was going to come off) it was still strong. I thought I should try and file out the crack to see whether it was just on top of the gel or had gone through to her nail.

The further I got to her own nail it seemed that this crack had appeared due to some sort of trauma. she couldnt remember how she had done it which didnt help much!! When I reached what was her natural nail, her nail plate was very thin and red. The crack was just below the free edge and had I removed the nail it would have caused her more pain. There was also a dip which may have been where I had overfiled (hopefully not!). I prepped the nail as usual and applied very thin layers of gel so as not to cause too much of a heat spike. I had to add more gel to the dip to create a c curve so it didnt look odd.

Will the dip in the nail grow out? It is just below the free edge. She will be coming back in two weeks for her next maintenance appointment and I am hoping that, as she has good nails that grow quickly it will grow out. If the nail is weak at that particular point should I trim the nail and reapply a new tip?

Any help much appreciated.
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Jan 12, 2003
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I think you have answered most of your own questions and have done the sensible things all the way along. :D

Yes the dip will grow out.

The nail was banged and that is why it cracked regardess of whether or not she can remember how it happened.

Yes I would keep that nail a tad shorter untill it has grown a bit if she is feeling pressure on it.

I wouldn't apply a new tip unless you felt that for some reason it was absolutely necessary. If the nail is strong, then leave well alone.


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Apr 5, 2004
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the similar thing happened to me me. I wear tips (witch are now growing off, so only a little bit on the free edge) and a gel. Sometime ago i got a finger caught in a door. It's was quite painfull and i could see imediatly that the gel had cracked, but the same as your client, the gel didn't seem to be comming off. So i just kept it as long as possible and tryed to conceal it with polish, yesterday i was due for a re-balance, so i started filling to try to get the cracks off (by the way i had 3, in a triangle shape, one vertically starting on the apex and finishing on the free edge, another from the apex to the smile line near the cuticle, and another from there also to the free edge). As i continued filing i was alble to see that the vertical crack was not only the gel, but also my natural nail, so i just removed the tip (wich was also cracked) removed almost all of the gel (trying no to file my natural nail, but i think i did :sad: ) the replaced a tip, and did a brand new overlay. Afetr that i could still see the crack, obviosly, so i covered again with polish. But i think it not going to take very long until it grows off.
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