Crazy Angel tan problems!


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Feb 28, 2011
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Hey geeks, been using Crazy Angel tanning solutions for about 6 months now, absolutely loved them up until recently as I thought they gave a really natural glow, up until last week I've never had a complaint or a tango incident but since buying a new bottle of twilight mistress (9%) I've had two customers who ive sprayed previously who said they went orange on this one occasion! And I must say as I was spraying it on I thought it looked different..not darker or lighter just a more orange shade! I've also had an incident where I did two spray tans at the same house with 2 sisters, both exactly the same skin tone...1 girl 6%and the other 9% as the light wasn't enough for her previously (want to point out I used two seperate guns) I checked and double checked as did they that I did the correct solution on each of them...but the girl with the 6% turned out darker! I'm just baffled and wondered if anybody else had experienced anything similar or could shed some light on the situation? Thanks :) sorry for the rant!!

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