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Sep 13, 2003
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I have recently completed my Masters training days with Creative......still to book the Qualification!!!!

A few days after completing each one I received my certificate......I was really chuffed. I have my certificate stating that I had completed the Real Rebalancing and the Makeover Magic........but....low and behold when I received my one for the Creative Illusion it says I have done Advanced Training?????!!!!!! :mad:

I called Creative and was told that this was what was on the certificates when they came over from America....there is nothing that they can do about it!

I am not a happy bunny!!! :sad: It has cost me alot of money to do this training and I was so looking forward to displaying my certificates. I appreciate that the general public may not know any different.......BUT I DO!!

I just feel that we in the UK spend alot of money with Creative and they could at least adapt the certificate for the UK market and state the name of the course that has been completed. If I had booked and paid for a course called Advanced Training....fair enough.....but I didn't I booked and paid for Creative Illusion. Advanced Training could be anything.....but I took a course to learn how to sculpt.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit :o

I love Creative products and am very happy with everything else.....this just got up my nose!!!!!!!

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