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May 1, 2003
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I have recently enquired about taking the acrylic conversion course with Creative too and have been very disappointed that I can't do this until I have one full year's experience. :( I took the total technician course with Star Nails last year in October and wasn't very happy at all with their products. Kept having lifting problems :( and no matter what I did it still kept happening - I understand new techs often have this problem but I managed to get hold of some Retention + acrylic about a month ago and I and my clients have been really really happy with the results :D :D No more breakages or lifting hardly at all :D :D

For nail techs who have trained in one product and then hear how fantastic Creative is it is such a shame that they have to wait a whole year to use their products unless they can afford £500 :rolleyes: (not to mention the extra days (of which I have taken lots) off work as holiday leave) to do the full course. :( :( Are new and relatively new techs expected to keep using crappy products during this period?

I understand the reasons for this rule but surely it could be cut down to about six months because by that time new techs have usually had loads of practice and are beginning to produce quite good nails but with rubbish products :!:

Nail Geek - what's your view :?: :?:
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