Credit card payments

Hi all!

I’ve recently got myself a iZettle which I love, all my clients so far have used debit cards.

I have just had someone new asking if I accept credit cards wanting quite a few treatments.

I understand credit card payments can be cancelled unlike debit cards.

If this was a regular client would have no problem with a credit card payment. Can I refuse to take credit card payments?

Thank you!


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Yes you can refuse, you can refuse to take cheques, and you can be set up to not accept every type of card, e.g. Amex isn't accepted in some places.


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im not sure about izettle's terms but with a merchant services account you pay extra for credit card payments. I've never had a problem with refund requests but I do quietly gnash my teeth when I'm offered a fancy credit card. Foreign cards are the worst.

It's never occurred to me to have a debit card only policy. It's a great idea in theory. We refuse Amex (although it works in our machine...) because clients ask "do you take Amex and I just say "no". In practise I'll lose goodwill if I start saying to my clients "we prefer debit cards" although I think I might tell my students getting a student discount that it's debit card payments only.

We already refuse contactless payments as our really super helpful merchant services provider scrutinised my bills and explained to me how much money I could save just by sticking the card into the machine and asking clients to enter their pin. I just don't tell clients that the machine works with contactless payments.

We take anything and everything, including Amex. We have clients who buy all their skincare from us because we take Amex! Many clients use credit cards all month and pay it off so saying no wouldn't occur to me x