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Sorry this is way off nails but I'm hoping that all you hair and beauty bods out there can help. I'm after something to curl my hair to get that lovely tousled, spirally look. (I'm growing my hair and so its getting quite long now - about 2 inches past collar bone length)

Thing is its a minefield out there with the choice you have and I don't really have a clue as to which would be better - curlers, tongs or those tongs with a spiral on them, which are easier to use and last longer?

Can anyone help? Which make, type etc do you use?

Thanks for any help


havent tried any of them myself but I think the ones with the spiral on them look good let me know if you get any and what they are like.


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Yeah will do lol, I'm wondering if they're any better than the normal curling tongs......


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Hiya Tamm,
Snap! Spent the last year and a half growing my hair out from a crop, at it's longest point it's now just over my shoulders.
I bought the Remington Big Shot Curls Curls Curls set which has a spiral tong, normal tong and one of those waving plates (like a crimper, but for waves) that are interchangeable. It has a good long cable, ceramic coated etc etc and I really like the waving plate, but I've had problems with the spiral tong, getting the hair to stay in the guides, so today I've just bought the Angel Curls one that Michelle from Big Brother had in the hope that works, it seemed to for her anyway! Argos also sell a Marie Clair set which has drop tong (cone shaped, to give a tighter curl nearer the roots that gets bigger towards the bottom), different size curling tongs and waving plate.
Some people say that getting spiral curls is just the way you wrap your hair round the barrel of the tong, but like I said, I've never managed it, so hoping the Angel Curls one (on sale in Boots at the mo, as is the Curls Curls Curls kit) will work - I'll see if I can try it tomorrow and let you know. Otherwise any of the ones with waving plates gets a lovely wavy, sort of Medieval madien look :) But it does work better the longer your hair gets, or you can end up looking a bit stuck-my-finger-in-a-plug-socket :D HTH's anyway!


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Hi you I learn for long curly hair! mine is half way between elbow and shoulder (or was until my friend who works at Rush gave me a sort of fishtail look at the back...absolutely beautiful but a lot shorter at the back..long sides tho!)
Anyway....I use an instrument called a triple barrel waver....I got mine from Toni&Guy but think they sell them in Sallys. Looks fab when used with a styling cream (tigi after party) to separate curls.
It gives the wavy look a la Britney Spears in Everytime video.

Just my opinion....
Clare x


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I find the best way to curl hair is....

with a pair of HAIR STRAIGHTENERS!!

I find the GHD ones are the best, although more expensive. But they do curl the hair really well (and starighten it!!), and the curl lasts too.

If you take the hair strand between the tongs, and clamp them, then wind the strand around them, I find that curls nicely. Or, take your strand of hair, place it in between the tongs, near the root of your hair. Clamp the tongs together and whilst pulling them down, wind them round so your hair winds with them. This should give a spiral curl.

There are loads of different ways though. Try taking a piece of tin foil and fold it in half, with your hair in between it. Fold it up, so fold a bit from the bottom up so it meets the rest of the foil/strand, then fold that behind, then the bit (this is so hard to explain!!!)
Anyway you should have a small foiled package on the root of you hair (like when you have highlights/colour slices put in), or to where you want the curl to start. Clamp your starighteners on it for a few secs, and release. You should be left with a soft, zigzag type curl.

Hope this helps lol, not good with explaining how to do this types of things, although I did pick up alot about hair when working in a hair salon!!!

Despite that, curling tongs work well too, place the end of your hair strand under the clamp on the curling tongs, close the clamp, and wind the tong up your strand. Hold for 10 secs, and release.

:cool: I luuurve curly hair, I hate my poker straight hair sometimes, ZZzZZZzz


Sara Satchell

Active Member do a digital toussel waver - solid ceramic - looks to be just what you are looking for! I to wanted to have bid touselly (SP!) curls so opted to have a perm - IT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG and ruined my hair. Its still recovering now, but when it has grown a little more - im DEFINATLEY going to invest in one of these gadgets!

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One of my hairdresser clients bought those ones used by Michelle in Big Brother for Xmas for her sister, she said they were absolute rubbish.

Haven't got any idea which ones to buy Tamm as have naturally curly hair and straighten it, sorry.

Jue xxx


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Hmm, I haven't opened that Angel Curls thing yet, wonder if I should take it back? I did look at that Vidal Sassoon one but the barrel seems so small, I didn't think you could get much hair on it and it would take forever :D My hair is very thick so takes long enough as it is!
Clare, I think the Triple Barrel Waver is the same as the waving plate attachment on my Remington set, will certainly try the Tigi stuff with it!

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i am a hairdresser and i am with Layla on this one. To curl in the salon we use Straitening irons.

We use Kodo (£95) and Voguetti (£39.95)

Both solid ceramic (which is the best for your hair) kodo do 210 degrees and Voguetti do 200 degrees.

Al i do is take a section of hair in your irons at the root twist your irons around so the hair is looped (with me?) and then pull slowish to the ends of your hair. Voila big loose tousled curls!

Very en vogue!


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ooooerrrr I've NEVER heard of curling hair with straigtening irons! Wow if that works then you've got the best of both worlds with one little gadget.... I'm not sure how you're describing it but it certainly sounds interesting!


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We have found that the best way to curl hair is by using hair straighteners.

Step 1) Wash and condition hair as normal.

Step 2) Finger dry your hair using a hairdryer. Section the hair roughly into 3" sections.

Step 3) Using ghds place the iron vertical to your head and as close to the scalp as possible. Rotate the iron 180 degrees away from your head and then pull it away from you (like you would to curl a piece of ribbon). The slower you do this the tighter the curl will be.

Good luck curling your hair