Curly blow dry

Hi I am after some advice please. I am wanting to get back into hairdressing after about 10 years off. I trained in college to a level 3 but never carried it on apart from doing the odd colour on a family member. We never done curly blow dries back in college and I am really struggling now. Either the brushes slide out the hair or they get tangled in the hair. Would it be the product I am using? I am only using a basic/cheaper one while I am practicing. What products would you recommend using?
Thank you.


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I would say it's more to do with the brushes. I use the same brushes for every curly Blowdry. But I use different products, ecause of different hair types.
I swear by angel brush. But they are heavy.
I have tried the ones with the removable handle from salon connections, but I wasn't a fan. Cheap flimsy bristles.

Thank you very much for replying to me. I will invest in some different brushes.