Curly haircuts

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Am a beauty therapist with a haircutting phobia. I had a bad cut once that required wearing a wig after I was left with areas totally balded with a razor and when’s I finally found someone that I’m happy with they moved away and I just can’t handle the long drive to see her anymore due to my hip problem.

I gained confidence to get haircuts maybe once a year but until I started doing the curly l method I had no idea my hair was curly. All this time i just thought it was a birds nest. I’ve really happy with my routine and it looks great now i’ve got the hang of it but it’s desperately in need of a style.

I’m looking for someone in Hertfordshire that knows how to do a dry curly cut like a deva cut or has lots of experience with curly hair so I don’t get a triangle head.

If you know anyone , or can help me please get in touch :) xx