Cutting cuticle area and lateral folds


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Hi geeks!
Firstly, I'll say I am a cosmetologist that mainly focuses on esthetics and nails. Throughout my career I have mainly done nails and esthetics as I am best at those things. I recently left a position and am now at a new salon. The girl who owns it used to work at a Vietnamese salon and cuts all the skin off the nail during a normal manicure. I however, have never done this as a practice. I only cut what is hanging and dead tissue. she also wants me to cut the skin .. frankly I am afraid, I have never done this and actually have cut myself and a client Doing this. I don't know what to do! I'm not trying to hurt people. And I've never had complaints about my cuticle care.. can you geeks offer any advice. I have had lots of training with CND after school to help with my skills and I don't believe cutting Iive tissue is the answer. Also they soak the hands in water during a gel manicure. Every system I've ever used calls for a dry manicure. I am so confused. Please could any one offer advice?


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Hi I completed a manicure course 2 weeks ago so the information is still fresh in my mind. The trainer told us under no uncertain terms should we cut healthy skin it can lead to infection and damaged nails when growing. The clients of your colleague will probably find their nails grow in with bumps in them due to the cuticle area being damaged with her over clipping the area. However I got my nails done in Dubai and they clipped all the skin off round my cuticle, I personally didn't enjoy it as it panicked she was going to cut me so it's not a nice experience for the client either. Hope this helps. I would say what you're doing is correct and it's certainly the way I was trained.

Is cutting the skin legal in your state? Could you get out of it on legal grounds?.


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it's not legal. In fact this place does a lot of nastys like double dip wax and also use corn shavers (where I live we're not allowed to have anything that even RESEMBLES a blade)
The only people licenced to cut skin are doctors and surgeons


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Cuticle nippers are just that, for nipping away DEAD skin, possibly the odd hangnail. But only if you've had the correct training to do so!! If your not comfortable with the situation & have not had the training then you can refuse! Also your/their insurance wouldn't cover you!