Damaged nail under acrylic

Hi hoping someone can advise me. I had one of my ladies come to me yesterday. She had a nail accident and her natural nail under the acrylic extension has come away half way up the top of the nail. The acrylic is still perfectly in place though. I'm not sure whether soaking it off is going to be really painful for her. Has anyone else had this problem before and how did you deal with it? Thanks


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I did, although mine was torn in half vertically almost all the way up to the cuticle
Have it bandaged for 2-3 days until the wound heals and there is no bleeding.
Then you need to buff off really really slowly. It took my teacher 3 hours just for one nail. Apply a lot of pressure just over the cuticle to hold the nail steady and help with the pain
Once you remove bulk, cut the extension with a nail tip cutter, applying pressure on the nail bed as you are doing so.
Continue with the buff off until it’s done. Apply lots and lots of cuticle oil. It will help it reattach. Keep it covered in bandage
Do not apply anything on top until most of it has grown out. I applied acrylics on mine as soon as the lifted part was grown out, which would be the equivalent length of 2 weeks growth, even though the rest of the nail bed was still torn. I actually found that that helped me from not catching it on anything hence doing further damage.

PS book a lengthy appointment, preferably at the end of your day. Every case is different. And charge by your time, not the service.
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Hi thanks so much for this it's really helpful. So how did you deal with the lifted area for the two weeks? Did it still catch on things or did you wear a plaster?


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2 weeks? try 2 months!!!
It took forever to heal and start growing properly. I said the equivalent of 2 weeks growth, but my nails grow slower than normal. I have lack of vitamin D to blame for this.
Doctor cut the enhancement with my nail tip cutter on day 2 or 3 I think (sterilised both at home and at the hospital) and then I had it bandaged the whole time.
I applied cuticle oil daily when I would change the bandage.

Once the wound on the nail bed was healed (which was 3 weeks after the accident) I debulked the cracked acrylic (didn't remove it completely) and I applied a new overlay, just to have a smooth surface, keeping it very very short. I still had the onycholysis, but the overlay protected my nail which was in a really bad shape. I continued applying cuticle oil, although I admit I wasn't and still aren't very thorough with any such things (creams scrubs etc)

2 months in I removed it completely to see what I was left with... Here's the link. It might give you an idea.
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