Dark eyes and dark lips?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by siobrennan, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. siobrennan
    Hi skin geeks! I am heading out this weekend and would like a little make up change, I'm usually a dark smoky eyes nude lips kind of girl but I'd like to try dark lips.
    My hair is quite light blonde short funky bob, and I have very fair clear skin though will probably have a light spray tan and I have very white (ahem dentist bleached) teeth.
    I always have to wear dark ish eyes as I feel natural eyes just aren't dressy enough and my eyes are grey so tend to just look rubbish unless I have black mascara and liner on as a minimum.

    So does dark eyes and lips work together? And if so what shades are "now"? Xxx
  2. squidgernetball
    Yes, dark shadow and lips do go. It's make up - anything goes!!!
    I would stick with your dark smoky eyes and use a good strong lip colour. If you use a lipstick that gives a thick coverage and it feels a bit ott, try a dark gloss. You could try it over a lip pencil to give it a bit of longevity, and to give the lips some definition. I was an eighties teenager, so my night out wasn't complete without dark smoky eyes and bright red lips.

    You may also be able to get away with a dark aubergine colour on lips if your teeth are white - it makes mine look minging!!!

    Your look sounds great, so I would go with the colours you're confident with.

    Have a top weekend x
  3. MrsSlim
    ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1380125619.931008.jpg I came across this a couple of days ago and thought it was gorgeous! I love dark eyes and lips in winter I always do it on a night out! I would recommend a good quality matt lipstick and do about 7 layers.. Blotting each time so it really stains! :) xx
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  4. siobrennan
    Thanks guys! Going to try it out on Saturday night! Will post a pic if it looks ok lol x
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