Dead end? Help!


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Hi, please help!
Maybe its the new year blues, but I just feel like I've reached a dead end with my business - I'm busy with waxing, massage and nails mainly and although I'm enjoying it, I'm not sure I want to do it forever!
I'd love to specialise in one area and my instinct would be to do more massage but lately my wrists really ache after massage!!!
I'm on my own in a home salon so money is always an issue if investing in a new treatment....any ideas of what else I could do that means staying in the industry but a change at the same time?!!? Any ideas so gratefully received.


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What about focussing on waxing for a bit?
Do you offer intimate waxing?
If you’re particularly good at it, you tend to gain good customer loyalty and regular repeat business.


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thanks - yes I do advanced waxing and absolutely love it. I also love electrolysis and would be really keen to go further with that but I'm not sure there would be much call for it in my little town!!!


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Adding lava shells (or hot stones) to your massage menu might suit you. You can charge much more for these and it’s significantly less strain on your wrists


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Just a thought about you doing reflexology too! It's more thumbs/ finger pressure work than wrists. I have quite bad arthritis in mine and reflexology is ok .
Eyelash lifting...I have just stated it at my ripe old age and so far I have several clients take it up and have re-booked. It's very good returns and fiddly, and my wrists aren't affected.


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Hi ISparkles,

Brow's as a great area to get more involved in. Have you considered micoblading or SPMU (machine brows)? Great potential earnings and the courses are reasonably priced. If you want any more information, let me know.


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Do you do facials? I offer pamper packages - massage and facial package and they are very popular. And the facial part then gives my wrists a rest. I also do pregnancy massage - again added with a facial tends to be very popular. I think facials work as a great addition if you love massaging! As someone else said, hot stones is good as you don't need to use pressure. hot stones are my most popular massage as not that many places offer it x


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Hello ISparkles,
I don't know if this is "staying in the industry" or not but a few months back i had a massage session that included reiki and honestly it was a much-enjoyed experience that I recommended to friends and family. To my knowledge, there are quite reasonably priced classes online that can get you a certificate in no time.
Hope that helps.