Dead Sea Products! Nature itself!


Well, im thinking of purchasing "Dead Sea" prod., to use for my facial treatments. Iv been to the Dead Sea, its amazing!!! has any of u ever tried their products? if u have, please give me feedback.




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Is that the brand name "Dead Sea Products" ? Have you got a link ? Ive tried products with dead sea ingredients but they don't go by the name mentioned.


There is a beauty range called Dead Sea, not sure who make it though. They are selling it in the local shopping center where I live, but I think it is just bought wholesale and then flogged in the center by people who have no training or idea of the products.


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Ive been grabbed by a guy at my local shopping centre trying to sell a Dead sea scrub & butter.
It was funny!
He droped some scrub onto my hands using a tea spoon and asked me to rub my hands together as if I was washing my hands.
He then proudly asked me if I could feel a tingling?
I said yes.
He then told me this was the dead sea minerals soaking in! (nothing to do with friction then huh! :rolleyes:)
He then rinsed my hands and opened a pot of moisturising butter.
he put his finger in the pot and went to put it on my hand.
I stopped him dead and said it wasn't hygenic as anything could be passed from his hands to the butter then to me. He was gobsmacked!
He then opened a new pot and offered it to me for me to put my finger in!!!!!
I said do you not have a spatula?
after some palava I rubbed in the butter. It left my hands feeling like i'd dipped them in lard! and smelt like it too!
Its probably not the same products but if this company is not projecting a professional image this may affect how customers percieve your products (even though they may be different)

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There was a guy at gmex who let us try some of this product.
Cannot remember the name but it was fab left your hands feeling smooth and felt gorgeous too.


Girls thanks for ur replies!

Well ill tell u, obviously what ever u do in life, has to be porfessional, so selling prod. in some corner in a shopping centre, not using a spatula, or any hygine, (is how weve all learned,) UNPROF!!!!!

The Dead Sea is a real place, the lowest place on earth, and the sea itslef, is so called dead, as nothing, and i mean nothing can live in it. Why?
well, its full of salt, and thousends of important minerals. No fish or other sea creature can survive in that. but....what WE get out of it is unbleivable!

the content of the minerals, and thier properties, are amazing! iv been there, and put real mud all over me, afterwards? bliss! i flet glowing.
anyway, back to my point, its got to be good!

there r a few names, or companies, but they all come from the Dead Sea itself, i just wanted to know what u think and if u ever tried.
i will still look into it, i know that poeple go there to be cured from all sorts of skin conditions such as soraiesis (is that how u spell it? sorry)

Still would like more feedback




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Hi, i also was stopping in the shopping centre and plastered with lots of products. I felt sorry for the guy and bought a dead sea face mask. I've been using it and i've noticed a big difference in my skin!!! I was suprised. It's starting to look alot clearer!!! I've been regularly using it now and gonna carry on with the pot and see what my skin's like after to whether i'll buy another.


Is the Dead sea the one you can literally lay on top of it? I was fascinated by that as a child.

I use these products for my hair and the toothpaste is amazing too. When I have had some sample (you can get them on the website) For my face and body they have felt devine. I no what to put on my Christmas list :) It was also good for my Daughters eczema.

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Dear Smiler,

yes the Dead Sea is the sea u can lay on holding a newspaper in your hands and a glass of juice and bath.

AMAZING!!!!!! IT is due to the salt content in it, there is no way ever u can drown.