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Hi geeks

My salon owner was trying to add me on as an admin to her FB page and accidentally deleted herself so now the page has no admins and we don't know how to get her back on

Can anyone help ?
Thanks x


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Google it because once a page has no admins it gets deleted.


Try going to the page and looking for the settings symbol? Looks like a cog? Apparently it should say is this my business? Or something along those lines.

Not too sure if there is, I just read this before my laptop died.

Definitely Google it like BP said. There will be a few links, I clicked the second(may be different in your search) and there was a reply from Facebook to someone with the same problem.

Hopefully you can gain control of it again as I have also heard of the pages getting deleted.

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When this happened to Kim Lawless last year she lost her page & had to start all over again.
All the posts I hade tagged her in no longer had links so we couldn't access the page at all and the page was gone almost straight away.


Exactly what Baggybear said. Kim had to set up a new page again as she couldn't recover it

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Oh no :(

Thanks anyway guys xx