Delivering training courses

I have been googling away trying to find information on how to set up and deliver your own training courses and wonder if anyone had any information. Can I teach any subject I have a qualification in or do I have to have an assessors award for this. I would ideally like to certificate at the end of classes thank you

Defo want some help on this myself!!!

Any one know??

I think you need to do teacher training course & assessors, teacher training for theory side of course and assessors to assess practical. With these you can teach any course your qualified in. I've also been looking into this as I would like to offer courses in salon but I don't know who I have to be accredited by to give out certificates. Does anyone know?

Someone told me on Friday at a business course....

The A1 assist course has been changed I can't remember what to though,

I will be going though my notes tomorrow so will stick it up them :) x